Final post!

Overall this was a really fun project and something I plan on continuing in the future.

Here are my favorite three days that I illustrated:IMAG0008_1



I chose these because I think they show good memories with friends. In the future I’ll be able to recall these days better by looking at the pictures as opposed to say a diary entry. I like drawing more than photos because I think my mood on each day affected the style to a certain degree. The more cryptic doodles have meaning or context that I know, and means something to me, which I think is the most important thing, seeing as this is a somewhat personal project.


Dec. 2nd- 9th


Louis C.K. is a huge inspiration for me, and this is one of my favorite quotes from him, and a doodle of him. The next is spelled “movation” because I accidentally spelled it like that in my photo final, and had to go back and fix it. I figured this embarrassment was a pretty memorable moment.


1. Someone noticed I was wearing the primary colors, which I was, only neon.

2. I worked on my animation final more.

3. I watched American Horror Story and thought about split personalities. This last sketch is based more off of an old piece I did rather than the show.


I worked on my animation a lot, the first zombie is my main character. The second zombie is me, because I felt like a zombie. The third is my take on a much more boring version of Romeo and Juliet.


1. I got a package in the mail from my parents.

2. Me and my friend nerded out over story ideas we’re developing.

3.  A Joyce Manor lyric from one of my favorite songs, Constant Headache.

Nov 25th- Dec 1st

Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26th Tueswed

In this set I realized some days have a natural consistency with the number three, like how I took a bus, a train, and a car home from Columbus. On Tuesday it was more of a theme-coffee and hyperactivity.

Thursday 27th(3) Friday 28th(2) Saturday 29th(1)


For Thursday I chose to map out the route I took over break to show exactly how far I’ve had to travel. As I drew the pull out bed from the hotel, I realized it looked like the letter V. I want to keep this theme going and make more object/letters. I fell behind and only did two notes on Friday, and had to do one on Saturday because that’s when I got my hair cut. The cat pattern was inspired by my grandparents house because they own a lot of cats.

Sunday 30th, Monday 1st


When my roommate got back to the dorm he brought two Christmas trees, one of which we decorated with random stuff while he was out. I want to start throwing in a few more minimalistic /conceptual ideas throughout this project to give it variety.

Creative Habit



Below is Monday-Wednesday







Three stickys a day is about an hour total. I want them to become mini illustrations rather than doodles, and convey as much meaning as a one page comic. It’s exciting seeing them build up already.

Creative Habit Proposal

For my creative habit, I want to spend three 20 minute sessions a day drawing on sticky notes, or other found materials-napkins, envelopes, notebookpaper. The theme of these drawings will be any thought that hits me hard throughout the day. It’s basically a visual journal of where my mind wanders, unedited on improvised material.

For my first “test” day, I made two doodles, one as a reaction to breaking my phone, and one to all of the stress in my life right now. DSC_0209

When these add up they will be a culmination of events, thoughts, and feelings. I want to put them together somehow, and right now I’m thinking of sticking them all on a wall and photographing the set. I may also title each one with an objective description of the situation it came from, so any metaphors or caricatures can be understood out of context.

Final Post

I pulled an all nigher fixing up animation and now editing in the color timed clips. Everything looks good except one sequence, which was compromised and had to be recolored. Overall this has proven to be a learning experience in every sense of the word. It has added to my real life experience in production, and furthered my quest for understanding the world of production and all the elements of live action, and technicalities of animation. If one learns by trying, or failing, than I have learned more directing this project than I have in nearly anything else. I don’t think we failed though- We met so many obstacles, and so many seemingly impossible problems with this project, most of which we powered through with blunt force.  I’m really proud of my team and what we were capable of accomplishing given the skill sets available.

Pipeline Week 5

This week has been really exciting because we’re finally seeing how the animation fits together. We’ve done a lot of lab work, and getting together is really helpful for problem solving, which we’ve had to do a lot of. After editing, and re editing, I’ve had to pop files in and out of the Adobe media converter to get them from premiere to toonboom back to premiere. On Thursday we’re having another work day, then gathering everyone’s ToonBoom files to make some final touches and make sure they are all exported consistently.


This is a (prelighting) clip I worked on, I’ll be doing several more over the weekend.

Week four

In a turn of events I’ve taken up editing.  The first round of sequences have been given to the animators, and a couple more will be distributed tomorrow night. We’re finishing up shooting, editing the documentary, and printing posters. Editing has been really interesting, and I love putting everything together and seeing how it fits. Unfortunately, it also makes any mistakes in shooting clear as day. The only thing we have to work around now is Cory’s recently dyed red hair.

Unfortunately I can’t upload videos to wordpress, but as of now I have 75% of the entire project timed out in premiere, we just need to edit the lighting and color.

Week three

After being locked out of our planned shooting room on Sunday we shot more than half the total footage in the multipurpose room. I realized planning out shots and actually moving the camera around the room in real space is a little overwhelming, but we got the hang of it soon enough.  Again, I was there for a good seven hours, but I’m glad we got a lot out of the way. After finishing more shots on Tuesday, we’ve ended up with a variety of different angles for each scene, so all that’s left is puzzling it together.

I’ll be overseeing the editing, to make sure it makes sense, however I have no experience in editing programs(yet), so this phase will take a lot of teamwork.

I’ve begun to delegate work to everyone and not try to figure everything out myself, however overseeing this project is work enough as there are so many details and aspects of the plot to piece together. I want to do a portion of the animation as well, partly to experiment and see what styles I can see working for this.

This is the week I see everything starting to fit together, and I’m pretty excited to see where it goes.

Week 2

This week has run so rampant that this blog post might as well be a journal. Here’s what happened.

The story:

I and several others worked on the story for a good seven hours with the help of a white board. We thought we had it down, the story of a single cartoon character, however after speaking to Charlotte Belland on Monday, I re-story boarded our concept using her suggestions, and streamlined it. I thought I had it but everyone knew something was off. I showed it to my own animation instructor Tom Richner, who gave very good criticism about refining the details to focus only on the main concept. After scrapping my 70 frame storyboard, tonght the 15th, I bounced ideas off Lorenzo and Mazen to create a new one. I am fully confient that this story is clear, practical, and time sensitive with regards to animation. We all knew it would pull together after the final story came out. The 16th we will be timing out the scenes and compiling a shot list in preparation for shooting on Tuesday.

IMG_20141010_215154_305 IMG_20141012_130633_236

The media:

At first I wanted to combine all sorts of media, photography, video, stop motion, and experimental animation. What we ended up with was a mess of ideas and concepts, and no way to meaningfully connect any characters to the media. What we want now is a live action video, with limited loose animation elements overlayed.

My own work:

I’ve made three storyboards, third time really is the charm. I was told by an administrator that we could get a class room reserved to shoot in the 16th, however after giving them all the information to get approval, I wasn’t contacted again. Now we’re scheduling for Tuesday.

Charlotte Belland gave me a lot of good advice about managing this project. One thing she told me was to make sure I don’t do everything myself. On Tuesday I divided work up, had the animators  sketch characters, and have them sent to the Visual Director by Wednesday evening. Before they left everyone showed their sketches and assured us they would email them that day. Only three people sent theirs. So even if  we had a place to shoot tomorrow, we wouldn’t be ready.

I think things will really start rolling after we get the live action shot, until then all we can do is make sure we know exactly what to do to make a seamless three hour shooting day.