Pipeline Proposal

This project is a narrative based photo manipulation series. The series will begin with photographs of the city, and other surfaces, and be overlaid with original art and paper cut outs that interact with the environment. The story will be determined by the group as a whole, while the look will be defined by the fantasy genre, with overtones of either humor or horror. Everyone will have their own style, but the street art theme should also carry through the compilation.

Sky Art by Thomas Lamadieu

Sky Art by Thomas Lamadieu

The process for this project is as follows:

>Group brainstorm, writing session, divide work, organize work by major

>Tagline, treatment, list of supplies, finalized schedule

>Storyboards, scouting scenes, test animation, test shots

>take pictures, draw characters, make contact sheets for animation

>Edit photos, digitally alter photos, add illustrations, shoot animation

>Put everything together and edit into either a video with narration, music, or basic sound.



Creative director- handles story, composition, overall mood

Writing/story – Everyone participates

Storyboards- Illustrators, animators, main writers working together

Photo Director

Photos- Photographers, Cinematographers

Illustration Director

Illustrations: Illustrators, animators, fine artists.

Animation Director

Animations: animators, cinematographers, anyone who can draw characters

Editing Director

Editing: Photographers and Cinematic Arts Majors

Sound: Animators and Cinematic Arts majors.

All majors will be able to show their own skill in some way, even if they do not fall into these categories perfectly.


Chibi_Paper_Child__Amitie_by_cafe_delightblack-and-white-chalkboard-drawing-fine-art-illustration-limited-color-Favim.com-40416 cn15w


Paper_Child__Bored_by_Pimmypaper_child_wedgie_by_mabocdurenarts-d36jed3street-art-By-Sainer-from-Etam-Crew.-On-Urban-Forms-Foundation-in-Lodz-Poland-3batman flip jump2

Much more information and examples will be compiled after the group is made.



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