Pipeline Week One Progress

This week I’ve been a one man R&D department, and experimented and researched what ideas and processes will work with the project. I think it is very important to have a clear view of what we want, and are capable of doing for this project. I’ve met with two animation instructors, and I and Maz have an appointment to speak with Charlotte on Monday. I’ve also spoken to a fab lab technician, and looked into the program Dragon Frame, which I am purchasing for this project.

So far the glass pane idea is out, and the laser cuter idea will be tested Friday. Our story and schedule should be complete by the end of class Thursday, with wiggle room seeing as some people have more than one skill to lend. The storyboards and animation processes will be compiled and distributed to each member on Tuesday in order to streamline the entire production and keep everyone on the same page.

I’ve been updating everyone and working towards more organization aided by the information I gain each day from research. Our broadest goal is to get people animating starting next week.


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