Week 2

This week has run so rampant that this blog post might as well be a journal. Here’s what happened.

The story:

I and several others worked on the story for a good seven hours with the help of a white board. We thought we had it down, the story of a single cartoon character, however after speaking to Charlotte Belland on Monday, I re-story boarded our concept using her suggestions, and streamlined it. I thought I had it but everyone knew something was off. I showed it to my own animation instructor Tom Richner, who gave very good criticism about refining the details to focus only on the main concept. After scrapping my 70 frame storyboard, tonght the 15th, I bounced ideas off Lorenzo and Mazen to create a new one. I am fully confient that this story is clear, practical, and time sensitive with regards to animation. We all knew it would pull together after the final story came out. The 16th we will be timing out the scenes and compiling a shot list in preparation for shooting on Tuesday.

IMG_20141010_215154_305 IMG_20141012_130633_236

The media:

At first I wanted to combine all sorts of media, photography, video, stop motion, and experimental animation. What we ended up with was a mess of ideas and concepts, and no way to meaningfully connect any characters to the media. What we want now is a live action video, with limited loose animation elements overlayed.

My own work:

I’ve made three storyboards, third time really is the charm. I was told by an administrator that we could get a class room reserved to shoot in the 16th, however after giving them all the information to get approval, I wasn’t contacted again. Now we’re scheduling for Tuesday.

Charlotte Belland gave me a lot of good advice about managing this project. One thing she told me was to make sure I don’t do everything myself. On Tuesday I divided work up, had the animators  sketch characters, and have them sent to the Visual Director by Wednesday evening. Before they left everyone showed their sketches and assured us they would email them that day. Only three people sent theirs. So even if  we had a place to shoot tomorrow, we wouldn’t be ready.

I think things will really start rolling after we get the live action shot, until then all we can do is make sure we know exactly what to do to make a seamless three hour shooting day.


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