Week three

After being locked out of our planned shooting room on Sunday we shot more than half the total footage in the multipurpose room. I realized planning out shots and actually moving the camera around the room in real space is a little overwhelming, but we got the hang of it soon enough.  Again, I was there for a good seven hours, but I’m glad we got a lot out of the way. After finishing more shots on Tuesday, we’ve ended up with a variety of different angles for each scene, so all that’s left is puzzling it together.

I’ll be overseeing the editing, to make sure it makes sense, however I have no experience in editing programs(yet), so this phase will take a lot of teamwork.

I’ve begun to delegate work to everyone and not try to figure everything out myself, however overseeing this project is work enough as there are so many details and aspects of the plot to piece together. I want to do a portion of the animation as well, partly to experiment and see what styles I can see working for this.

This is the week I see everything starting to fit together, and I’m pretty excited to see where it goes.


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