Creative Habit Proposal

For my creative habit, I want to spend three 20 minute sessions a day drawing on sticky notes, or other found materials-napkins, envelopes, notebookpaper. The theme of these drawings will be any thought that hits me hard throughout the day. It’s basically a visual journal of where my mind wanders, unedited on improvised material.

For my first “test” day, I made two doodles, one as a reaction to breaking my phone, and one to all of the stress in my life right now. DSC_0209

When these add up they will be a culmination of events, thoughts, and feelings. I want to put them together somehow, and right now I’m thinking of sticking them all on a wall and photographing the set. I may also title each one with an objective description of the situation it came from, so any metaphors or caricatures can be understood out of context.


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