Nov 25th- Dec 1st

Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26th Tueswed

In this set I realized some days have a natural consistency with the number three, like how I took a bus, a train, and a car home from Columbus. On Tuesday it was more of a theme-coffee and hyperactivity.

Thursday 27th(3) Friday 28th(2) Saturday 29th(1)


For Thursday I chose to map out the route I took over break to show exactly how far I’ve had to travel. As I drew the pull out bed from the hotel, I realized it looked like the letter V. I want to keep this theme going and make more object/letters. I fell behind and only did two notes on Friday, and had to do one on Saturday because that’s when I got my hair cut. The cat pattern was inspired by my grandparents house because they own a lot of cats.

Sunday 30th, Monday 1st


When my roommate got back to the dorm he brought two Christmas trees, one of which we decorated with random stuff while he was out. I want to start throwing in a few more minimalistic /conceptual ideas throughout this project to give it variety.


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